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Resources for Parents

Little Miracles Home Health wants to give our parents in our community a resource page they can come to for support.  

Aaron's Tracheostomy Page - This is a website created by a parent of a child with a tracheostomy.

MIC-KEY - The official website of MIC-KEY feeding tubes.

Morgan's Wonderland - This is a wonderful park in San Antonio, TX created by a parent with a child with special needs.

Texas Kids' Waivers- This is a website to help clarify the Texas Medicaid Waiver Programs available to children in Texas.

Disabilty Rights of Texas- If your child's services have been reduced or denied, they may be able to assist you.  

Protect Texas' Fragile Kids - This is a website/organization founded and run by parents of medically fragile Texas children in an effort to help advocate the needs of these special children.  

Alberto N. VS. Hawkins - This case was a milestone for children with special needs and their families.  The outcome of the case ensures that children with special needs receive all medically necessary care they require.  To learn more about this case please follow this link.